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DIY natural beauty for skin and hair.

How To Make Facial Cleansing Powder

If you are looking for a natural non-oil stripping facial cleanser to alternate between your soapy face wash that brightens and exfoliates your skin, try this homemade facial cleansing powder. Most ingredients you may already have in your kitchen, but if not, it will be simple to find in the store or through Amazon like I did. More and more beauty brands are selling cleansing grains (grains/powder same thing) for

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A Hair Clay Mask I Was Afraid To Try, But Now Love

Usually I test out new DIY treatments for a while before I share them, but the surprising immediate results for this hair clay mask, that I was afraid to try but now love, was something I couldn’t wait on. I didn’t take any pretty pictures because I didn’t plan on posting about it, which is why my photo looks the way it does–half used and messy lol. 

DIY Shea Butter Deep Conditioner

Healthy hair is what we desire but we have to take care of it to achieve it. Weekly deep conditioning is important to retain length, strengthen elasticity, reduce split ends, and moisturize. So I made up my own DIY Shea butter deep conditioner using simple ingredients I already have in my house. You can do this too and if there’s an ingredient you’re missing, you may replace it with another similar to

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Charcoal Lemon Detox Drink

Activated charcoal is my compadre, my ace, my friend when my tummy is having problems such as major bloating and/or constipation. Just like oil pulling, the thought of putting this substance in my mouth, let alone ingest it, sounded insane. However, drinking charcoal lemon detox drink wasn’t that bad. Don’t be mistaken, activated charcoal is not the same as the coals you buy for your summertime BBQ grill, please don’t

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Liquid Gold Mask With Honey + Turmeric

This mask is perfect for imperfect skin. I couldn’t help naming this mask Liquid Gold because it looks just like that when you blend honey and turmeric together. It’s quite amazing and I was looking forward to photographing it so you can see it for yourself. Besides this mask looking pretty, it works pretty good for your face reducing blemishes and acne. Even though turmeric can stain and washes off

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Coconut Oil Pulling & Why You Should Do It

What is coconut oil pulling? Coconut oil pulling is primarily a Ayurvedic medicine done to detoxify your mouth by literally pulling bacteria and toxins from swishing a tablespoon of oil around for about 10 to 20 minutes. This detoxifying method is not new, like most things that become a trend in the U.S., but oil pulling has been used traditionally for centuries by many cultures in different regions of the

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