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What is Transparent Beauty?

It’s whole natural ingredients that contains no harsh chemicals or words you can’t pronounce. Straight to the wholesome nutrients that improves the skin and delivers radiance inside and out, toxin-free. DO IT YOURSELF with few simple multipurpose ingredients from your kitchen. Know what you’re putting into and on your body and the benefits it provides.



adjective   trans·par·ent   \tran(t)s-ˈper-ənt\

: able to be seen through

: easy to notice or understand

: honest and open : not secretive

How transparent came about.

Simply put, I looked up the synonym for Transparent, and my name “Tiffany” was listed as one of the synonyms. Seriously, go look it up yourself, that’s what happened, haha. What better sign could I get for a natural blog name other than my own name? {smiley face}

Why I do this.

Replacing some commercial beauty products with green beauty is my groove. I started making at-home hair and skin products after reading labels on the back of bottles that gave me much warning. I thought, whatever these ingredients are can’t be good, so I looked them up. The majority of the names sounded like a science project and half of them aren’t easy to pronounce, so what is this stuff? Hair care was the kickoff of my DIY experience. My hair would become extremely dry, like a tumbleweed, I mean like a dry death valley desert, only a few days after washing, conditioning, and using leave-in products (expensive ones too!). How could this be? During my research I educated myself about these weird ingredients that present top-notch immediate results such as detangling, shine, luster, and softness, yet are damaging and drying to the hair in the long run. And when your hair is dry, it’s fragile and causes breakage. Ingredients such as silicone or any name ending with -cone, seals the hair shaft giving it a shiny coat and providing a slip that causes your hair to easily comb through. However, silicones prevent moisture from penetrating the hair shaft causing it to dry and become brittle. After finding that out, I became more responsible about reading ingredient labels and threw out any hair product that included silicones. Doing this changed the health of my hair completely. My hair remains soft and luscious for long periods of time! I experimented with recipes that I can create on my own that are not only cost-effective, but that would transform my hair and skin into health and happiness. I learned that keeping it simple and TRANSPARENT works well for me and DIY became part of my LIFE.

Since then I went to school for Organic Skincare Formulation and now handcrafted and own a skincare line called KLAY Botanics. I specialize in clay masks blended with botanical and Ayurvedic ingredients, botanical toners that naturally smell so good, a nourishing Glow oil, and whipped shea butter. Everything is 100% natural and organic. Be sure to check it out at www.klaybotanics.com.

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Tiffany Elder






Owner of organic skincare Klaybotanics.com

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