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10 Beauty Benefits Using Raw Honey [Infographic]

For so many years, many of us didn’t know about these natural food remedies we can use for our skin. Yes we may have had a grandmother who had a household remedy to cure everything known the man. Something like soak your body in epson salt, or rub Vicks vapor rub on your chest for congestion, or balance an egg on your head to get rid of hiccups, but it wasn’t

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Oatmeal & Honey Face Mask

Oatmeal is a great ingredient for homemade face masks. All skin types can benefit from this treatment. It rejuvenates the skin and cleanses your pores. It also moisturizes, removes dead skin cells, reduces acne scars, exfoliates, and make your skin soft and supple.

Oatmeal Sugar Body Scrub

Oatmeal Sugar Body Scrub leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. This scrub is natural, simple to make and cost-effective. I already had the ingredients in my kitchen and was able to waste no time to make it. Oatmeal is a mild cleanser, exfoliates, removes dead skin cells, and moisturizes. I used organic brown sugar crystals for a good scrubbing and 100% whole grain rolled oats, both from Trader Joe’s.

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Avocado Honey Face Mask

What a treat this is for my face. This avocado honey mixture is one of my favorites to use as a mask. The instant glow and smoothness are the noticeable benefits I see immediately. For me it makes my skin feel supple and nourished, doing away with dead skin cells.

Glowing Turmeric Face Mask

A turmeric face mask that will get you glowing! Not only is turmeric useful as a spice for curry dishes, or only beneficial for internal uses by drinking a Turmeric Almond Milk, it’s also an excellent component as a beauty product. Traditionally, turmeric has been used in Eastern cultures to brighten and even out the skin tone while giving a natural glow. During my research, most recipes found online includes

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Make A Simple Sugar Lip Scrub

This simple sugar lip scrub is my savior. Whenever my lips become flaky or the skin starts to peel I whip up this DIY sugar lip scrub. Nothing is worse than crusty lips. I used to have a difficult time finding lip scrubs in the beauty section of department stores and when I did, the cost wasn’t worthy. Now I create my own with the simple ingredients already at home.

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