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Charcoal Lemon Detox Drink

Activated charcoal is my compadre, my ace, my friend when my tummy is having problems such as major bloating and/or constipation. Just like oil pulling, the thought of putting this substance in my mouth, let alone ingest it, sounded insane. However, drinking charcoal lemon detox drink wasn’t that bad. Don’t be mistaken, activated charcoal is not the same as the coals you buy for your summertime BBQ grill, please don’t

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Best Morning Lemon Sugar Scrub

Have you tried this? I have, and now I’m obsessed (along with the red clay mask). Lemon sugar scrub is so dope for the mornings. For anytime really, but to start off fresh in the A.M. is best. During my DIY beauty experience, I’ve surprisingly have been satisfied with the results and I’m always happy to share the recipes I like the most. So let’s get to these lemons.