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A Hair Clay Mask I Was Afraid To Try, But Now Love

Usually I test out new DIY treatments for a while before I share them, but the surprising immediate results for this hair clay mask, that I was afraid to try but now love, was something I couldn’t wait on. I didn’t take any pretty pictures because I didn’t plan on posting about it, which is why my photo looks the way it does–half used and messy lol. 

Liquid Gold Mask With Honey + Turmeric

This mask is perfect for imperfect skin. I couldn’t help naming this mask Liquid Gold because it looks just like that when you blend honey and turmeric together. It’s quite amazing and I was looking forward to photographing it so you can see it for yourself. Besides this mask looking pretty, it works pretty good for your face reducing blemishes and acne. Even though turmeric can stain and washes off

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Acne Fighting Cocoa Coffee Mask

First, let me make it known that I was blown away by the results of this chocolate coffee face mask. Not only is it powerful for fighting away acne, but by far has made my face feel the smoothest immediately after most masks I’ve tried. Both coffee and cocoa are excellent blood circulators so my face felt revitalized and tingly after scrubbing and rinsing it off. Everything in this mask

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Detoxifying Red Clay Mask

New mask alert! I love clay masks because it is soothing to the skin and it reminds me of spa quality facials. Red clay masks are not only detoxifying, but will have your face feeling soft and smooth. Oil is pulled out of clogged pores and dead skin is removed. What more do you need? Well I’ll break it to you, there is more! Red clay is excellent for sensitive

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Oatmeal & Honey Face Mask

Oatmeal is a great ingredient for homemade face masks. All skin types can benefit from this treatment. It rejuvenates the skin and cleanses your pores. It also moisturizes, removes dead skin cells, reduces acne scars, exfoliates, and make your skin soft and supple.

Avocado Honey Face Mask

What a treat this is for my face. This avocado honey mixture is one of my favorites to use as a mask. The instant glow and smoothness are the noticeable benefits I see immediately. For me it makes my skin feel supple and nourished, doing away with dead skin cells.