The Perfect Whipped Shea Body Butter

Being able to make my own body butter has been a wonderful thing for me. It’s convenient, only includes non-toxic ingredients, and feels luscious on my skin. I’ve made whipped shea body butter a couple times before but it never came out quite so, whipped. The texture was more like a balm (which is not bad either) and it ended up grainy so it felt like little rocks were in it, however it still did the job. This time I tried Lisa Lise’s Fail-Safe Whipped Shea Balm. She’s a natural skincare formulator that I met through my organic cosmetic science school, I’m currently studying at. The difference a small change can make and it was actually easier than the version I was trying from watching other video tutorials. 

What went wrong?

What changed in the way the butter developed was heating up the butter vs. cold-blending the butter. Previously I was combining shea butter and cocoa butter (which is a very hard butter) by using a double boiler until it completely liquified. During the cooling process, crystallization can form if not heated and cooled correctly, causing the fatty acids in the shea to go grainy.

How to fix it.

It’s so simple. To avoid your shea body butter from becoming grainy is to cold-blend the cream (not using heat at all) and heat up the carrier oil being used in your mix instead. By doing this, it also helped my whipped shea body butter to blend into a fluffy texture, just like I wanted it. 

The perfect whipped shea body butter.


  • 80 grams Refined Shea Butter
  • 20 grams Jojoba oil
  • 16-24 drops Essential oil(s) (Optional)
The perfect whipped shea body butter


  • Small glass bowl (or other heat-proof container)
  • Medium mixing bowl 
  • Handmixer
  • Accurate scale using grams (I used a jewelry scale)
  • Empty containers for your product
  • Spoon


1) Weigh 80 grams of shea onto the scale. I used wax paper to place it on, but you can use a glass beaker or container. If using the container, place it empty on the scale so you can set  the weight to zero before placing the shea into it. 

2) Chop the Shea butter up into small crumbles. You can use the spoon to do it.  Smaller pieces will make it easier to blend. 

The perfect whipped shea body butter
The perfect whipped shea body butter

3) Weight 20 grams of jojoba oil in a glass bowl or container on the scale. 

4) Slowly heat the oil up. Place the glass bowl directly into a pot of water on low heat, carefully not getting any water in the oil, for approximately 15 mins or until the oil is about 55-60 degrees. 

The perfect whipped shea body butter

5) Transfer the warm jojoba oil and the crumbled shea butter into a mixing bowl.

6) Starting at a low speed, blend the ingredients together with a hand blender. Increase to a medium speed until the mixture is at a smooth consistency. This should take about 2-3 minutes. 

The perfect whipped shea body butter

7) Add your essential oil of choice into the mixture. I used 16 drops of Lavender oil which is a classic aromatherapy oil and great for it’s healing properties. The maximum drops of essential oil to use is no more than 24 drops, which is about 1% of the body butter formula. Lavender oil is a bit strong so I didn’t need much but base your amount on the strength of your chosen oil. This step is optional, but makes for a better scented butter. 

8) Spoon your whipped shea body butter into the container and place lid on it. I reused a container that came in my meal delivery order from Green Chef. Make sure to sterilize any used containers before adding your product to it.  

The perfect whipped shea body butter
The perfect whipped shea body butter

And voila! Finally, I was able to get a light fluffy whipped shea body butter that came out perfect. Never do I need to buy expensive fancy lotion as long as I know that I can produce this and other types of lotions and creams. 

Have you made your own body butter before? If so, what kind and how did it turn out?




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